#258 – Golden Marvel

#258 Golden Marvel - Glenn Peckel

#258 Golden Marvel - Glenn Peckel

Tied by: Glenn Peckel
Originated by: Popularized by Ora Smith
Source: Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon; Dick Stewart & Bob Leeman 1982 pg.70

Hook: Mustad 7948A #6/8
Tail: Short red wool
Body: Rear hook uses red wool and front hook uses silver tinsel.
Beads: A silver cylindrical bead followed by red glass beads
Wing: 10-15 long golden pheasant crest feathers tied flat on top curving downward
Cheeks: Jungle cock body feathers medium wide
Head: Black
Eye: Painted white with red pupil

Notes: When the fly appeared in Stewart and Leeman’s “Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon” it was renamed Golden Marvel with a note indicating it’s original name, Maynard’s Marvel. Ora had not claimed to be the originator of the streamer, but that a mentor had shown the pattern to him. Bill Zimmerman is often credited with creating the streamer called Maynard’s Marvel, named after “Doc” Maynard of Maynard’s Camps on Moosehead Lake. The Maynard’s Marvel listed in Dick Surette’s “Trout and Salmon Fly Index” attributes a Pittsburg NH guide named Maynard with originating the fly in the 1920’s. The pattern listed in Surette’s text describes the wing tied with not only golden pheasant crest, but also blue impala and a flatwing style duck flank tied over top. Also mentioned is an all crest variation. Perhaps calling this all crest variation of the Maynard’s Marvel would be considered the basis of the Golden Marvel. No matter who originated, or what it is called, it has been a quite popular and successful streamer for land locked salmon and brook trout. The translucency of the crest wing and the action imparted by them in the water is likely a perfect reason to keep a good supply in every streamer box. Glenn has put together an amazing set of 12 Ora Smith streamers as his contribution to the Streamers 365 project. We will be auctioning them all together as a set near the end of the project.

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Glenn PeckelGlenn Peckel – I started fly tying shortly after going with a friend whose father had arranged for us to spend a day with a co-worker of his who fly-fished. It was early May and Hendrickson’s were hatching on his local stream. He showed us the book “Selective Trout “ and then he tied a gold ribbed hare’s ear wet fly. Watching him fish that fly and seeing the trout that he landed was as magical a moment as I have ever seen.
[visit Glenn’s streamer page]

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  1. jim Bennett says:

    Very creative fly indeed,the coloures work so well…

  2. Bruce Corwin says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Love the fly. As usual, a terrific job. Hope to catch you at a JW meeting this year.
    Best regards,

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