#266 – Herb Johnson Silver Minnow

#266 Herb Johnson Silver Minnow - Tony Smith

#266 Herb Johnson Silver Minnow – Tony Smith

Tied by: Tony Smith
Originated by: Herb Johnson
Source: Forgotten Flies 1999, Schmookler & Sils

Hook: Mustad 36620 #2
Thread: Black
Tail: Mixed red and yellow hackle fibers about a gap long.
Body: Black wool yarn.
Ribs: Embossed silver tinsel
Throat: Mixed yellow and red hackle fibers about ½ length of body.
Wings: 4 white saddles hackles
Shoulders: Silver pheasant rump,half as long as body.
Head: Painted silver with yellow eye and black pupil. Clear varnish over.

Notes: Herb Johnson created a realistic suite of streamers. The pattern features a silver painted head, eye and pupil. The fiery tail and throat breaks up the otherwise dull black and white construction, suggestion it should be used during spawning periods for the best results. Although Mr. Johnson’s streamers were were considered essential in every serious angler’s fly box in the 1960’s, very little is written on his patterns. We are grateful that Tony has chosen to include several of Mr. Johnson’s patterns in the project.

Tony Smith - Fly Tyer Tony Smith – Anthony (Tony) Smith began tying flies with his LL Bean fly tying kit that he received from his parents for Christmas 1988. From tying commercially for his high school “job” for the likes of Hunter’s Angling and American Angling Supplies, to having his flies sought for various publications, Tony is proud to have his work be of known quality.
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  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Very nice patttern,well done..

  2. Kelly L says:

    Nice job! I hear this is a great fly to have in your box!

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