#306 – Nephew #1

#306 Nephew #1 - David Mac

#306 Nephew #1 – David Mac

Tied by: David Mac
Originated by: David Mac

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens hook #1 10xl
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Rib: Silver oval tinsel, small
Belly: Yellow Icelandic sheep hair
Throat: Red Icelandic sheep hair
Wing: 4 yellow saddle hackles
Shoulder: Black laced hen dyed red tied 3/4 length of wing
Cheek: Red Guinea hen
Head: Black
Eyes: Paint white eye with black pupil

Notes: The Nephew #1 has a variety of feather patterns applied to the design using both the spotted guinea fowl and the striking black laced hackles engineered by Whiting Farms. The pattern also makes use of one of David’s favorite materials for streamer bellies, Icelandic Sheep. It has a soft crinkle in the hair and amazing flow in the current. David tied this streamer in 2008, commissioned by his client Mr. Robert Kate of new York City. David also tied a number of other streamers for Mr. Kate including the Niece #1 and the Purple Kate.

David MacDavid Mac – I have been tying flies since 1964 and it has brought me, countless hours of enjoyment. As a young guest at the United Fly Tyers meetings in Boston, MA I was introduced to Streamers by many of the Great Tyers. In the 1970′s I spent a decade providing streamers to many of the best Maine Fly Shops and Camps.
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  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Very nice looking fly…

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