#310 – Devin’s Hammer

#310 Devin's Hammer - Darren MacEachern

#310 Devin’s Hammer – Darren MacEachern

Tied by: Darren MacEachern
Originated by: Darren MacEachern

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hook #1 10xl
Thread: White flat waxed nylon
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Body: Tan floss
Ribbing: Gold flat tinsel edged with gold oval tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Claret hackle fibers
Wing: 2 claret hackles flanked by medium dun hackle
Shoulder: Black hen back
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: On November 4th, 2002, a young man named Devin passed away. He died after being punched once as he walked away from an altercation. The strike had been to Devin’s temple area, and he suffered a severe brain injury. On November 5th, after tests revealed that Devin had no brain function, the family made the tough decision to donate his organs.

Darren was diagnosed with a liver condition called Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) at the age of 14. The illness was slowly scaring his liver and eventually his health would deteriorate and he would need a new liver. He managed fairly well for years, but in 2000, it became clear that a transplant would be needed soon. He moved to Edmonton with his wife Lori, his name was placed on the list, and the long wait began. On November 5th, 2002, the call they had been waiting for was received.

The transplant was a great success, and Darren recovered quickly with no complications. As a way to keep active, Darren began tying flies shortly after the transplant. There is no way of knowing if Darren received his gift from Devin, but Darren tied the streamer to honor the memory of Devin and the difficult decision his family made.

For more information on Devin’s story, you can visit http://www.devinfoundation.com, and please take the time to sign your donor card and make your wishes known to your family.

Darren MacEachern – Darren has been fishing from the age of 4 all across Canada. He started on the east coast in Prince Edward Island before moving west to the banks of the Bow River in Calgary Alberta. he now resides just outside of Toronto, fishing the Great Lakes and the fine tributary waters around.
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16 Responses to #310 – Devin’s Hammer

  1. Jim Bennett says:

    What a touchng story,i carry an organ donor card and would urge anyone reading this to do so.A great name for the fly which is a beauty…

  2. CD says:

    Wonderful streamer, story and reminder. ‘Organ Donor’ is imprinted on my drivers license.

  3. Armando says:

    Darren, I endorse the opinions of friends and I admire you for what happened and for your good example, good name for the fly. Armando

  4. cdogzilla says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ian Wright says:

    A truly touching story indeed – take care.

  6. Kelly L says:

    Beautiful fly, and very touching story as well!

  7. Darren, I’ve often told my kids, everyone has a story. Most of the time we are rushing about, too busy to learn them.

    Thank you for writing this and for sharing. It must be comforting to Devin’s family to know part of him lives through you.

    Not all transplants are successful, so huge congratulations for making it to your 10-year anniversary. Here’s to many more decades of good fortune and good health.

    What a great reminder to those who haven’t elected to be organ donors!

    Best wishes and thanks, Terri

  8. Steve L. says:

    Very nice tie and a very touching story behind it..
    You the Man !!!!!!!!!! I’m honored to be part of this project..

  9. Joel Stansbury says:

    Darren, great tribute to Davin & his family. My wife and i have our licenses checked for organ giving ever since it began. My youngest daughter was a patient at the Shriner’s Childrens Hospital until she turned 21, at which age they are considered adults. Shriner’s is the only charity I will donate to. I owe them a big debt!! I think you have inspired me to do a Shriner’s streamer in the coming year.
    You are a wonderful example for others and an inspiration to us old timers. Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Joel

  10. Damian says:

    Darren, that was quite powerful and touching. You are a great guy and I’m honored to call you a friend. My MSI card renewal is signed and ready to put in the mail and organ donor box is checked as yes.

  11. Awesome post, and so glad that you are doing well.

  12. Paula Henry says:

    What a beautiful story and gift of life! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Darren, you are the embodiment of the kindness of giving and and the gratitude of receiving. Live well, and prosper, my friend. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful celebration of life and everything that comes in the way.

  14. Miriam says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Very brave.

  15. Michelle Gilstrap says:

    You are here to give back and you are. Thank you for sharing your story.

  16. Scott Bernard says:

    Darren, what an incredible story and a wonderful tribute. Great job buddy!

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