#311 – Faulkner Streamer

#311 Faulkner Streamer - Mike Boyer

#311 Faulkner Streamer – Mike Boyer

Tied by: Mike Boyer
Originated by: Mike Boyer

Hook: Mustad Chestertown 3298 (blind eye) with gut for eye
Thread: White 8/0
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Tail: Scarlet macaw
Body: Gold flat tinsel overwrapped with pearl mylar tinsel
Belly: Orange bucktail then grey bucktail then a golden pheasant crest
Throat: Black schlappen
Under-shoulder: Black schlappen
Wing: 2 golden olive hackles
Shoulder: Speckled Guinea fowl
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: George Faulkner and Mike drove trucks together for a number of years in Oregon. George was a recent retiree and had bought an RV with plans to begin a relaxing lifestyle of traveling the highways with his lady friend. Unfortunately the dream was cut short by a stroke shortly after his retirement. Mike thought it fitting to dedicate this streamer to his friend George. He choose the classic looking Mustad-Chestertown hook with a silk gut eye and a unique Guinea fowl feather, speckled not spotted, for the shoulder of the streamer.

Mike Boyer Mike Boyer – I started tying flies for Trout in the early 1960’s. My folks bought me a little boxed fly tying kit from the local sporting goods store that included a Thompson vise, some hackles and various body and winging materials. A couple of my father’s friends taught me how to cast a fly, and the obsession with flies and fly fishing began.
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4 Responses to #311 – Faulkner Streamer

  1. Kelly L says:

    Stunning work there Mike! Your friend should be very proud as well. That is a gorgeous fly!

  2. Steve L. says:

    Mike ,
    That’s a beauty!!!!
    Awesome work!!!

  3. Beautiful.
    Outstanding work.

  4. Armando says:

    just wonderful…

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