#324 – Pumpkin Head

#324 Pumpkin Head - Glenn Peckel

#324 Pumpkin Head - Glenn Peckel

Tied by: Glenn Peckel
Originated by: Ora Smith
Source: Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon; Dick Stewart & Bob Leeman 1982 pg.81

Hook: Mustad 3665A
Body: Gold embossed tinsel
Wing: 10-15 long golden pheasant crest feathers tied flat on top curving downward
Shoulder: Tied flat on top of the wing and about half the wing length is a section of bronze mallard flank over which is tied a section of golden pheasant tippet, 40% of the shoulder length.
Head: Fluorescent orange floss
Eye: Painted black with white pupil

Notes: This is another of Ora Smith’s signature golden pheasant crest winged flies. Because of the amount of feathers tied on at the head, this can be quite a tricky streamer to tie without it getting a fat head. Glenn has put together an amazing set of 12 Ora Smith streamers as his contribution to the Streamers 365 project. We will be auctioning them all together as a set near the end of the project.

Glenn PeckelGlenn Peckel – I started fly tying shortly after going with a friend whose father had arranged for us to spend a day with a co-worker of his who fly-fished. It was early May and Hendrickson’s were hatching on his local stream. He showed us the book “Selective Trout “ and then he tied a gold ribbed hare’s ear wet fly. Watching him fish that fly and seeing the trout that he landed was as magical a moment as I have ever seen.
[visit Glenn’s streamer page]

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