#326 – Mellow Yellow

#326 Mellow Yellow - Jim Bennett

#326 Mellow Yellow – Jim Bennett

Tied by: Jim Bennett
Originated by: Jim Bennett

Hook: Partridge CS15 #4
Thread: Fluorescent red 8/0
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Body: Yellow floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: White bucktail then sunburst dyed golden pheasant crest
Wing: 4 yellow hackles
Shoulder: Orkney peach hen hackles
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Fluorescent red

Notes: Jim tied the Mellow Yellow to attract the Scottish brown and rainbow trout. The combination of colors work quite well for luring in curious fish. The Orkney peach color may be unfamiliar to North American anglers, but the UK brethren of the fly know this fleshy tone to be classified information. The color is made by combining a secret blend of Glo Bright floss into a custom dubbing blend.

Jim Bennett – I live in Glasgow Scotland where I was born and grew up.I started fishing in my local canal for perch and roach when I was about 12, forty years ago. I started fly tying at about 14 after I watched a program on TV. I first tied without a vice as I could not afford one. My flies were quite crude to say the least and I can remember the first trout I caught on a small black dry fly. I could not believe it had actually taken my fly. That fish was only about 8 inches, but remains the best fish I have ever caught.
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  1. pacres says:

    Beautiful streamer Jim. Thanks for sharing it.

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