#335 – Green Bay TCC

#335 Green Bay - Team Colors Collection - Don Soar

#335 Green Bay – Team Colors Collection – Don Soar

Tied by: Don Soar
Originated by: Don Soar

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hook 8xl #1
Thread: White 8/0
Tail: Yellow schlappen
Body: Green flat tinsel
Rib: Yellow Ultra Wire
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Green hackle fibers
Wing: 4 green hackles
Shoulder: Yellow body feather from a blue macaw
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: The Green Bay Packers could be considered the NFL’s most successful team with 13 league championships. The Green and Gold operate as a non-profit, in fact they are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. The teams began as a joint effort between a couple of high school rivals, Earl “Curly” Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun, joined forces in 1919. Lambeau secured a donation for uniforms from his employer, the Indian Packing Company, with the condition that the team be named after the sponsor.

Don Soar – Born and raised in central Massachusetts now living in Lancaster with my wife of twenty years Nancy. Fishing started young in life tagging along with my brothers. I took up fly fishing in the early 90’s. Ten years later I started tying flies. After meeting Mike Martinek Jr. at a local fly shop I was introduced to the dark side of fly tying, the long fly.
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2 Responses to #335 – Green Bay TCC

  1. petr haisman says:

    Nice job on your pattern… WOOW, looks good… Petr H

  2. Jim bennett says:

    Very nice looking streamer Don..

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