#339 – Invincible Ghost

#339 Invincible Ghost - Gary Fraser

#339 Invincible Ghost – Gary Fraser

Tied by: Gary Fraser
Originated by: Reg Baird
Source: Living with Trout; A Lifelong Adventure – Reg Baird Pg. 29-32

Hook: Daiichi 2340
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Mallard flank fibers
Body: Rear 1/2 silver tinsel, front 1/2 black dubbing
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Underwing: White marabou
Wing: 2 blue hackles flanked by badger hackle
Shoulder: Mallard flank 1/3 body length
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: The Invincible Ghost is a local Nova Scotia pattern created by Reg Baird and was introduced to the waters of Kejimkujic National Park in 1983 and holds the reputation of the most successful streamer to ever be fished in the park waters. Gary has had the pleasure of releasing both trout and salmon from this fly in many different rivers.

Reg is one of Canada’s most renowned Fly fisherman, author, guide and was invited to be a member of Canada’s elite World Fly Fishing Team. He is a true gentleman and to spend a day on the water with him should be considered an honor. He has graciously offered one of his books “Living with Trout” to accompany Gary’s fly for the Streamer 365 auction. and this book is wonderful read.

Here is a quote on the pattern from Reg’s Book.
A firm believer in “Matching the Hatch”, all my dry flies and nymphs come as close as possible in coloration to the Naturals. To a large extent the same holds true for my streamer patterns. Any number of time tested streamers will take fish, but most could hardly be described as the fly you would choose if your life depended upon catching a trout. I may be going out on a limb but here is a pattern for those life and death situations. Its is a combination of the best streamer flies ever designed the Invincible Minnow and Black Ghost. I christened it the Invincible Ghost.’

If you are interested in getting a hold of Reg’s book, Living with Trout, you may get in touch with him at 902-467-3126.

Gary Fraser Gary Fraser – Born in Rural Cape Breton I had the luxury of growing up with some of the finest trout and salmon fishing in the world on my doorstep. I am a father of two, an avid outdoorsman, guide and owner of nsflyfishing.com a website used with other guides and anglers to promote fly fishing and fly tying here in Atlantic Canada. I have had little time on the water the last number of years with a young family and working away but things are coming together for a great 2012 season.
[visit Gary’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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11 Responses to #339 – Invincible Ghost

  1. that’s a most-excellent talent to have. very nice fly.

  2. Your ties are works of art. Truly amazing! Thank you for sharing them with everyone!

  3. Gary says:

    Thanks folks. This fly is always a top producer for me every year… I also can not thank Reg enough for donating one of his books to go along with this fly. I hope someone really enjoys it when it goes up for auction…

  4. donfre says:

    Looking real good there

  5. joel stansbury says:

    Gary, One of the prettiest flies I have ever seen. I am unfamiliar with the pattern & the originator, but will definitely read up on Mr. Baird. A fabulous fly tied perfectly!
    Cheers, Joel

  6. Very nice colors great shape, and most be working

  7. Jim bennett says:

    Very nice fly Gary,looks like it woud work great on our sea trout here in the U.K….

  8. Kelly L says:

    The fly is a beauty. I love the choice of materials, and color scheme here too. WELL DONE!

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