#343 – Northern Delight

#343 Northern Delight - Jim Malo

#343 Northern Delight – Jim Malo

Tied by: Jim Malo
Originated by: Jim Malo

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hook
Thread: White 8/0
Tail: Lady Amherst pheasant crest
Butt: Made in three parts using the rear quarter of the body. Rear quarter is peacock herl followed by orange silk and the last quarter is peacock herl
Body: Dark blue floss
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Belly: Ligt yellow bucktail
Wing: 2 light dun hackles
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Orange

Notes: Jim’s cache of original includes many with the complex streamer bodies in the tradition of Herb Welch’s classic streamers. Jim has used the Northern Delight to fish many of Maine’s storied lakes such as Rangeley Lake, Sabago Lake and Penobscot Lake. The pattern has been responsible for many trout and landlocked salmon over the years. Jim has tested the pattern throughout Canada, Maine and Massachusetts with similar positive results in each local. Jim ties the pattern sparse using just 2 hackles in the wing, and just a smattering of bucktail in the belly.

Jim Malo – Jim began tying flies back in the 1950’s during the long winter seasons. Whenever there was a big snow storm, Jim would tie until the wee hours of the morning as it was certain to have no school that day. Dry flies were the order of the day and those bass were going to be on guard as the bugs often attracted eight pounders in Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg; commonly known as (Webster Lake).
Jim is presently on the Pro Staff of Daiichi Hooks and Regal Vise.
[visit Jim’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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9 Responses to #343 – Northern Delight

  1. Nice. I didn’t really realize how much artistry went into the process.

  2. Kelly L says:

    I like this one, nice work!!

  3. donfre says:

    Sooo beautiful, as always. Do they catch thou?!

  4. Awesome looking fly. The fish better be careful.

  5. Jim bennett says:

    Tried to say the name of that lake and ended up with a moth full of foam!.Very nice fly Jim..

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