#347 – Copper Lake

#347 Copper Lake - Monte Smith

#347 Copper Lake - Monte Smith

Tied by: Monte Smith
Originated by: Monte Smith

Hook: Mustad 94720, #2
Ribs: Flat copper tinsel; small oval copper tinsel counter-wrapped
Body: Flat green tinsel
Belly: Grey fox
Underwing: Peacock herls covered with long golden pheasant crest
Wing: Four gray saddle hackles
Shoulder: Silver pheasant
Cheek: Jungle cock
Throat #1: Short golden pheasant crest
Topping and Throat #2: Dyed green golden pheasant crests

Notes: A tribute fly to one of my fishing places forever seared into my memory. A classic “Ghost” style design with a little extra fun.

Monte Smith Monte Smith – Monte Smith is a well-rounded and accomplished fly tyer. His work is featured in books, periodicals, on websites, and in frames around the world. From his original featherwing streamers within the pages of Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer to a four recent articles featuring original patterns in Northwest/Southwest Fly Fishing magazines, there are a number of projects that feature his flies.
[visit Monte’s streamer page]

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4 Responses to #347 – Copper Lake

  1. Mike Boyer says:

    Totally top notch, Monte. Beautifully tied.

  2. jim Bennett says:

    You have a very special fly there Monte,love it!

  3. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding fly,love it!

  4. Joel Stansbury says:

    Monte, excellent innovation & inspiration. I have always admired your creations. Quite artistic! The majority of you tyers out there should study Monte’s flies and learn from them. I found them to be very helpful in my own tying. I know that soundsa funny coming from an old Geezer like me, but you are never too old to learn new tricks. Thanks again Monte, you young whippersnapper!

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