#358 – Funky Sunset

#358 Funky Sunset - Barry Phillips

#358 Funky Sunset – Barry Phillips

Tied by: Barry Phillips
Originated by: Barry Phillips

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hook
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Fire orange hackle fibers
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Fire orange hackle fibers
Wing: 2 black hackles flanked by fire tiger dyed badger hackle
Shoulder: Blue peacock body feather
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: For every Sunrise there is a sunset and this funky streamer is lucky enough to have been pair with one of Barry’s streamers featured early in the project. The Funky Sunrise (#10) is a close match to the Funky Sunset. The 2 streamers are quite similar, both using the fire tiger dyed Funky Feathers hackle from Feathers MC, but the Funky Sunset uses a darker Badger to suggest the impending darkness. While Barry had tied the duo initially because they were something nice to look at, he confesses that the flies have been saviours on fishing trips more than once.

Barry PhillipsBarry Phillips – Born in 1953 and have been tying flies since I was 14. Started out spin fishing and became interested in fly fishing and tying through a childhood friend. I was given a Herters Manual and taught myself. I met a man named Reg Denny who ran a flytying shop in Edmonton and sat in on one of the courses he was teaching at the time. He asked me after three classes if I would be interested in assisting him and there began 25 years of teaching and a lifelong friendship.
[visit Barry’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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8 Responses to #358 – Funky Sunset

  1. Barry Phillips says:

    As this is the last of my offerings to this project I would like to take the chance to say how honored I am to have benn included in this and how much fun the year has been. A big thankyou to Darren and whomever helped him for a job very well done.

  2. Mike Boyer says:

    Great looking streamer, Barry. Love the color combinations.

  3. Barry Phillips says:

    Thanks to all for the kind words,all the best of the season to you and yours

  4. Jim Bennett says:

    WOW,this streamer is breathtaking,what a beauty…

  5. Garth Turner says:

    Funky Sunrises and Funky Sunsets Barry.

  6. Garth Turner says:

    Beautiful fly Barry.
    It is a wonderful reminder of all the ” Funky Sunrises ” we have seen together in trout country over the years. Love the incorporation of the Peacock body fly for the shoulder. I hope this fly gets you another 14 pound Rainbow in the future. Congratulations on all your flies contributed to the Streamers 365 project.
    Merry Christmas, and happy tying in the New Year.

  7. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding fly, the colors are incredible. A definite big winner for me.

  8. joel stansbury says:

    Barry, love the colors! May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
    Cheers, Joel

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