#359 – Rogan’s Royal Gray Ghost

#359 Rogan's Royal Gray Ghost - Mike Boyer

#359 Rogan’s Royal Gray Ghost – Mike Boyer

Tied by: Mike Boyer
Originated by: Alex Rogan
Source: Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, Bates p.326, 327

Hook: Mustad Chestertown 3298 (blind eye) with gut for eye
Thread: White 8/0
Tip: Silver oval tinsel
Tag: Yellow floss
Tail: A golden pheasant crest curving upward then a Indian crow (sub) feather
Butt: Black peacock herl
Body: Orange floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: 4-6 peacock herls then white polar bear followed by golden pheasant crest sweeping upward
Wing: 4 gray dun hackles
Shoulder: Barred wood duck 1/3 wing length
Topping: Golden pheasant crest sweeping over the wing
Head: Black

Notes: The Rogan’s Royal Gray Ghost is a idealization of Carrie Stevens’ legendary Gray Ghost streamer. Rogan, an accomplished salmon fly dresser from New York City made an attempt to enhance the beauty of the Gray Ghost. He tied the streamer using many of the elements found on full dressed salmon flies while still keeping the feel of a streamer.

Mike Boyer Mike Boyer – I started tying flies for Trout in the early 1960’s. My folks bought me a little boxed fly tying kit from the local sporting goods store that included a Thompson vise, some hackles and various body and winging materials. A couple of my father’s friends taught me how to cast a fly, and the obsession with flies and fly fishing began.
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4 Responses to #359 – Rogan’s Royal Gray Ghost

  1. Jim Bennett says:

    A beautiful streamer Mike,very well tied….

  2. dlomasney says:

    One of my favorites by you Mike…top shelf tyin!


  3. Kelly L says:

    Outstanding fly there Mike. Glad you came across this one. It is gorgeous.

  4. Scott Bernard says:

    Beautiful fly Mike. You always do an exceptional job.

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