November Streamers up for Auction

The streamers posted in November are now open for bids on Streamers 365 on Ebay. A massive thanks to all the tyers and buyers who have contributed to the phenomenal success of the project so far. The auctions will end on Sunday evening and we will only be having one more round of auctions in January before the project is complete. If you have been waiting to pick up a fly to commemorate the project, now is your chance.

Don’t forget to pick-up your 2013 Streamers 365 calendar as well. You can find them on the merchandise page.

I’ve put up a few copies of the Streamers 365 Volume 1 #1-122 Signed in softcover and will inscribe the book to the winner.

Streamers 365 Volume 1 Pattern #1-122 By Darren MacEachern
Streamers 365 Volume 1 Pattern #1-122 By Darren MacEachern

Here are a few streamers on the block right now!

Alan Petrucci – Silver Badger

#333 Silver Badger - Alan Petrucci
#333 Silver Badger – Alan Petrucci

Tony Smith – Torrish

#332 Torrish - Tony Smith
#332 Torrish – Tony Smith

Don Bastian – Committee

#321 Committee - Don Bastian
#321 Committee – Don Bastian

Davie McPhail – Lioness

#323 Lioness Streamer - Davie McPhail
#323 Lioness Streamer – Davie McPhail

Jim Malo – Quabbin Delight

#331 Quabbin Delight - Jim Malo
#331 Quabbin Delight – Jim Malo


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