Counterfeiter – Bob Veverka

#334 Counterfeiter - Bob Veverka

#334 Counterfeiter - Bob Veverka

Tied by: Bob Veverka
Originated by: Bob Veverka

Hook: Allcock 1810 8xl, #1
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Throat: Red calf tail tied about half then a golden pheasant crest curving upward
Underwing: Light purple bucktail tied 1/2 inch past bend
Wing: Four light dun gray saddle hackles tied 1/2 inch past bend
Topping: Silver pheasant crest (Peacock herl) optional
Shoulder: Pintail flank
Cheek: Jungle cock

Notes: This is a nice light phase smelt imitation with some purple / lavender hues. The silver pheasant crest topping is optional, but I feel that it really defines the pattern. The pattern listed above is as tied on the streamer I have, but I have found other recipes for this streamer, suggesting that there was perhaps some inconstancy in the pattern. Below is one other version I found.

Via Chris Del Plato
Thread: Black.
Body: Flat silver tinsel.
Throat: Bright orange bucktail next to the body, then white bucktail, then a shorter golden pheasant crest feather.
Wing: Mixed pink and lavender bucktail over which are dun hackles.
Shoulders: Pintail duck flank and jungle cock.
Topping: Black crest feather from a silver pheasant (optional)

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