#9-2013 – The Mickey Blonde by Alan Grombacher

#9-2013 The Mickey Blonde - Alan Grombacher

#9-2013 The Mickey Blonde – Alan Grombacher

Tied by: Alan Gronbacher
Originated by: Mr. Homer Rhodes and Mr. Joe Brooks

Hook: Mustad 3366
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Yellow bucktail
Body: Gold flat tinsel
Wing: Red bucktail then yellow bucktail
Head: Black

Notes: As far as streamers go, you can’t simplify much more than the classic Blonde. The streamer is primarily used in salty waters in the hunt for tarpon. The original series includes several named colour schemes including the Platinum Blonde, Honey Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Pink Blonde, Argentine Blond and the Black Blonde. It has been adapted time and again by anglers in both salt and fresh water. Alan has tied up a temping Blonde dressed in the colors of the Mickey Finn. These 2 patterns alone, the Mickey Finn and Blonde, have been quite effective patterns. Now that the 2 have merged, any fin within casting distance should be trembling.

Alan GrombacherAlan (Alberta Al) Grombacher – Alan started tying flies shortly after his 8th birthday, in fact the day after his Dad came home with his first pair of bifocals. Alan’s Dad set-up his tying vise after dinner that night, and taught Alan to tye. His first flies were brown hackle peacock wet flies and black/grizzly woolyworms. The first woolyworm that he tyed is still in his fly fishing gear. Alan quickly became the fly tyer for his Dad, Dad’s friends, and his buddies, and has been tying now for over 43 years.
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4 Responses to #9-2013 – The Mickey Blonde by Alan Grombacher

  1. Alberta Al says:

    Thanks. The Blonde series are great for pike and bass too. They are quick to tye and make a tough fly that will take the abuse and teeth from big pike. I have even caught Channel cats on them.

  2. hambone870 says:

    love bucktails, simple but effective

    great job alan

  3. Jim Bennett says:

    Agree with Kelly. a great tye….

  4. Kelly L says:

    Alan, this is wonderful work. I love all the variations of the Brooks Blonde. The Mickey Finn has also been a favorite. The two combined are a knock out.

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