#15-2013 – Mr. Hayes Special by Alan Grombacher

#15-2013 Mr. Hayes Special - Alan Grombacher

#15-2013 Mr. Hayes Special – Alan Grombacher

Tied by: Alan Grombacher
Originated by: Alan Grombacher

Hook: Mustad 79666 or other keel hook
Thread: Black 6/0
Weight: Copper wire
Tag: Silver mylar tubing
Butt: Red thread
Body: Silver mylar tubing
Wing: White bucktail then Chartreuse bucktail
Head: Black
Eye: White with black pupil

Notes: Alan designed the pattern to skim through the weeds of Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva in pursuit of small mouth bass and other warm water hunters. The pattern is named in honor of Alan’s high school biology teacher, an accomplished anger and fly tyer. The Mustad 79666 is used because of the keel and with some added weight of lead or heavy copper wire, the streamer is virtually weedless. The fly has been successful getting into any spot a weedless streamer pattern is needed. The pattern was first tied around 1975 and the chartreuse and white has been a triumphant combination in the weedy waters bass love.

Alan GrombacherAlan (Alberta Al) Grombacher – Alan started tying flies shortly after his 8th birthday, in fact the day after his Dad came home with his first pair of bifocals. Alan’s Dad set-up his tying vise after dinner that night, and taught Alan to tye. His first flies were brown hackle peacock wet flies and black/grizzly woolyworms. The first woolyworm that he tyed is still in his fly fishing gear. Alan quickly became the fly tyer for his Dad, Dad’s friends, and his buddies, and has been tying now for over 43 years.
[visit Alan’s streamer page]

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  1. Jim Bennett. says:

    Very nice Alan,I will be tying up some of these in larger sizes to try on the pike in among the snags….

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