#17-2013 – Rose of New England Bucktail by Loretta Parent

#17-2013 Rose of New England Bucktail - Loretta Parent

#17-2013 Rose of New England Bucktail – Loretta Parent

Tied by: Loretta Parent
Originated by: Mr. Everett Price

Source: Flies for Atlantic Salmon, Dick Stewart and Farren Allen

Hook: Mustad 3907A #2
Thread: Black
Tag: Silver oval tinsel, narrow
Tail: Golden pheasant crest sweeping upward
Butt: Red floss
Body: Silver embossed tinsel
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Throat: Red floss
Wing: Red bucktail under yellow bucktail under brown bucktail
Eye: Jungle cock nail (optional)
Head: Black

Notes: This is a pattern near and dear to Loretta as it was the fly which resulted in her netting her very first Atlantic salmon. She had hired a guide while staying at the Miramichi Inn and made the decision to tie on a large 4/0 streamer. The tug on the end of the line turned out to be a rather large 25lb spring hen. A surprised Loretta released the dark, 42 inch long salmon back into the Big Hole pool on the Miramichi river. The Rose of New England was designed by the New Brunswick guide Everett Price in the 1930’s and was a popular streamer pattern for Spring salmon fishing.

Loretta Parent Loretta Parent -I have been tying flys for 3 years now and have enjoyed learning everything I can about the art of fly tying. I am very passionate about this pastime and love to pass on and share what I know to anyone that is interested. I started a fly fishing club for women last year called “Fly Girls of New Brunswick” and hope to start a fly tying club as well. My favourite place to fish is anywhere on the Miramichi drainage system.
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5 Responses to #17-2013 – Rose of New England Bucktail by Loretta Parent

  1. Loretta Parent says:

    Thank you. I have not used this in the Fall myself as this is a fly used in early Spring when the water is muddy and high. Let me know how you make out.

  2. Very nice color combination, I will try it wit our fall browns very soon. Well done Loretta.

  3. Jim Bennett says:

    I agree with Kelly,very nice …

  4. Kelly L says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of bucktails. Loretta you did a fine job here. I’ve never seen this pattern before.

    • Loretta Parent says:

      Thank you Kelly and Jim. These flies I submitted this year took alot of practice as I had not tied the streamer patterns in 10x long before. I think I went through about enough bucktail to tie 10 times as many flies for each fly I tied.

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