#18-2013 Parmachene Belle tied by Marcelo Morales

#18-2013 Parmachene Belle by Marcelo Morales

#18-2013 Parmachene Belle by Marcelo Morales

Tied by: Marcelo Morales
Originated by: Henry P. Wells
Source: Streamer Fly Fishing in Fresh and Salt Water, Bates (1966) Pg. 315-316

Hook: Partridge CS15 #4
Thread: White 8/0
Tail: Equal married sections of matched left and right goose quill white / red / white half the wing length
Butt: Peacock herl
Body: Yellow wool
Rib: Gold embossed tinsel (tapered)
Throat: Mixed red and white hackle
Wing: White then red then white bucktail layered
Eye: Jungle cock nail, long
Head: Black

Notes: The Parmachene Belle can be found in many forms such as a trout fly, feather-wing streamer (#84), steelhead versions and of course the bucktail streamer. The streamer dressed as the bucktail version tied on shorter 2xl hooks is an excellent and popular fly for the West coast steelhead and salmon rivers from California to Alaska. A steelhead specific version also exists which reverses the wing colour, resulting in a red/white/red wing. Marcelo has included a big helping of his own style into this streamer. Marcelo spends a lot of time building up the under body of the streamer to create the tapered cigar shape in the body. He dubs a generous amount of dubbing over the pattered body, wraps the tapered tinsel and brushes out the dubbing. Care is also taken to select just the right bucktail and stack it into precise layers. His streamers are finished with perfect jungle cock nails and the perfectly round head Marcelo is well known for.

Marcelo Morales – I began fly fishing in the early seventies. Jorge Donovan and Bebe Anchorena were my mentors, they were fantastic casters and know the rivers intimately. Both were very good friends of Joe Brooks and it was from him that they learnt the way of the big streamers and monster browns. Just to make my life easier, I build bamboo rods and fish them a lot along my country. My mother paints watercolors, and my father painted with oils when he was young so I think fly fishing in my case is another form of art and I try to feel like an artist creating something unique every time I tie a fly, build a rod or fish.
Buenos Aires Anglers
[visit Marcelo’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Very nice fly you got there Marcello…..

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