#24-2013 – Golden Bear Bucktail tied by Alan Grombacher

#24-2013 Golden Bear Bucktail - Alan Grombacher

#24-2013 Golden Bear Bucktail – Alan Grombacher

Tied by: Alan Gronbacher
Originated by: Mike Martinek Jr.
Source: Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling and Casting Volume II, Mike Martinek Jr.

Hook: Partridge CS17 Ken Baker #4
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Body: Gold Axxel flash
Wing: Yellow over orange over yellow bucktail
Throat: Mallard flank fibers (sparse)
Head: Black

Notes: Alan tied up a beautiful little casting streamer created by Mike Martinek. The streamer has some definite tones of the Mickey Finn with it’s layered yellow and orange wing. It has been accented with a beautiful streak of orange pheasant tippet out the back. The pattern comes from Mike’s second volume of streamer patterns. The booklet has been out of print for a number of years, but Mike is planning on having it reprinted soon.

Alan GrombacherAlan (Alberta Al) Grombacher – Alan started tying flies shortly after his 8th birthday, in fact the day after his Dad came home with his first pair of bifocals. Alan’s Dad set-up his tying vise after dinner that night, and taught Alan to tye. His first flies were brown hackle peacock wet flies and black/grizzly woolyworms. The first woolyworm that he tyed is still in his fly fishing gear. Alan quickly became the fly tyer for his Dad, Dad’s friends, and his buddies, and has been tying now for over 43 years.
[visit Alan’s streamer page]

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2 Responses to #24-2013 – Golden Bear Bucktail tied by Alan Grombacher

  1. dan says:

    not sure we have the right pattern description. we see a yellow thread ribbing and no orange wing ..yellow. But very nice!


    • pacres says:

      Thanks Dan.

      The orange bucktail is in there, but it’s very sparse and hard to see. The body is a braid material, and having a closer look, I don’t think it’s the Axxel Flash, but something similar. I’ll check with Alan and update. Thanks for reading!

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