#34-2013 – Deep Water Troller

#34-2013 Deep Water Troller - Kevin Kirkelie

#34-2013 Deep Water Troller – Kevin Kirkelie

Tied by: Kevin Kirkelie
Originated by: Kevin Kirkelie

Hook: Mustad 79580 #1
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Yellow bucktail
Body: Black vernal
Rib: Gold mylar braid tinsel
Wing: Yellow bucktail tied in the round (collar)
Shoulder: Golden pheasant tippet half body length
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: As the name suggests, this is a great fly for sinking into deep cold waters trailing behind a lazy pontoon or canoe. Kevin created the pattern in an effort to defy the notion of dark flies for dark days, and fishes the fly on such days and in the twilight hours. He fishes the pattern using in-line weights, of 1/4 oz. to 1 oz., placed about 4 feet ahead of the fly and trolls slowly. For shallower waters, the weight is ditched. Kevin ties the wing in a collar style by spinning the bucktail around the hook shank. It isn’t common to see a streamer tied with a hair collar, but you need not look any further than the Willie Gunn to get a baseline on how successful the style can be.

Kevin Kirkelie Kevin Kirkelie – In having a Grandfather who was a avid fisherman, I was hooked at a early age. So…from my dad’s handy craftsmanship, he made me a homemade vise to start tying with, so that set the stage for what turned out to be my greatest artistic passion ever.
[visit Kevin Kirkelie’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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3 Responses to #34-2013 – Deep Water Troller

  1. Kelly L says:

    Sweet fly, I like it a lot!

  2. Jim Bennett says:

    nice streamer black and yellow is a great colour combo,works great on Atlantic salmon at this time of year….

  3. Mike Boyer says:

    Nice fly, Kevin.

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