#36-2013 – Silver Rider tied by Dwayne Miller

#36-2013 Silver Rider - Dwayne Miller

#36-2013 Silver Rider – Dwayne Miller

Tied by: Dwayne Miller
Originated by: Peter Dube

Hook: Partridge CS15 #4
Thread: Black 8/0
Tip: Silver oval tinsel
Tail: Jungle cock nail
Butt: Ostrich herl
Body: Silver embossed tinsel
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Wing: Black crystal flash then black bucktail
Shoulder: Teal flank
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black with a red band

Notes: The Silver Rider found it’s genesis as a salmon iron meant for tagging Atlantic salmon in the storied Restigouche River. Dwayne took some liberties with the design, stretching out the body, adding a hint of flash in the wing and adding an elegant touch to the fly with the jungle cock nail tail.

Dwayne MillerDwayne Miller – I was born and presently reside on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I’ve been chasing trout around PEI since the age of 5 and found out about flyrods at 12. I continued to fish both for a few more years but in 1988 that all changed as my good friend and mentor, Scott Mitchell turned me onto chasing Atlantic salmon with the flyrod. This was a life changing moment, and I’ve been on a mad whirl’wind ride chasing these magnificent fish ever since.
Fly Fish The Island
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  1. Kelly L says:

    Very nice work here. I love the overall fly, and choice of materials too.

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