#38-2013 – West Carry Dace by Bob Petti

#38-2013 West Carry Dace - Bob Petti

#38-2013 West Carry Dace – Bob Petti

Tied by: Bob Petti
Originated by: Dave Prince

Hook: Unknown 4xl #6-#12
Thread: Black 6/0
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Body: Black floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: Orange bucktail
Throat: Yellow hackle fibers
Wing: Grey bucktail under a few peacock herls
Eye: White painted eye with black center
Head: Black

Notes: Dave Prince is a Maine guide and developed the West Carry Dace. The pattern came about out of necessity once bait was banned in the waters of West Carry Pond. Dave’s angling companion Louis had observed that the fish in the pond loved the dace, but in fact had a preference for the females who wore yellow and orange shades in their undersides. The colors were incorporated into the design with a marabou wing and was instantly successful with the West Carry Pond inhabitants. The pattern can be tied for either trolling or casting and has been proven to catch brook trout, landlocked salmon and Arctic char.

Bob PettiBob Petti – Bob Petti is a fly fisherman and fly tyer from the Catskill Mountain region of New York. Like so many other fly tyers, he started his journey innocently. “All I wanted was the ability to tie the Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, and Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear. I didn’t have much money and it wasn’t easy to buy flies at the time. Heck I couldn’t even afford a decent pair of waders back then, so I thought a small investment in tying flies would pay off in the long run.” A couple decades later his one-shoe-box hobby has grown to a full blown identity.
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7 Responses to #38-2013 – West Carry Dace by Bob Petti

  1. Gary says:

    This here is now one of my favorites, Thanks for sharing with us Bob..

  2. joel stansbury says:

    Bob, I don’t comment on many tyers work, but when ever I see yours, I have to chip in my 2 cents worth. Superb tying job! You get better with every fly you tie. I have pics of your earlier ties, and you have evolved into a first class tyer! I say this out of respect for your work. It deserves respect!
    Cheers, Joel

  3. Kelly L says:

    Bob, this is an excellent piece. I love the whole fly. The colors are outstanding, and the work masterfully done. Amazing job on the eyes too.

  4. Jim Bennett says:

    Ver nice Bob,would work great over here on the Scottish peat stained lochs…

  5. barryoc says:

    Bob, I love the colour combination in this pattern, it would look fantastic on a # 7 or 9 XL with a shorter belly and longer wing. I’ll have to give it a go!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Armando says:

    Bob, very good lure, he looks rugged and stylish, I like it, very well tied also. I congratulate you.

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