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#48-2013 – Red Belly Dace by Marcelo Morales

Tied by: Marcelo Morales Originated by: J. Edson Leonard Source: Flies, J. Edson Leonard Pg. 106-107 Hook: Partridge CS15 #4 Thread: White 8/0 Tail: Golden pheasant crest sweeping upward followed by a shorter Indian crow feather Body: Red seal or … Continue reading

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#47-2013 – Brown Buffum Hairwing by Bob Frandsen

Tied by: Robert Frandsen Originated by: Lew Oatman Source: A Further Guide to Fly Dressing; John Veniard (Pg 234) Hook: Mustad 3665 A #2 Head: White 8/0 Tail: Golden pheasant tippet Body: Orange floss slightly tapered Ribbing: Gold oval tinsel … Continue reading

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#46-2013 – Yak Attack tied by Alan Grombacher

Tied by: Alan Gronbacher Originated by: Bruce Wainman Hook: Unknown Connection: Doubled braided / coater steel leader Thread: White 6/0 Eye: Barbell eyes Body: Epoxy bump Belly: White saltwater yak hair Wing: White Slinky Fibre (or similar) then orange yak … Continue reading

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More Mike Martinek Streamers and Sealey Hooks

The weekend has arrived and here are a few more items for the collectors among us. The second trio of Mike Martinek streamers is now up on Ebay and ready to take your bids. The first round is ending shortly, … Continue reading

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Mike Martinek Streamers now on Auction

It’s not everyday that we get an opportunity to bid on some of Mike’s streamers. Peggy Brenner is giving Mike a hand in listing a few of his streamers as he continues to recover from back surgery. There are plans … Continue reading

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#45-2013 – Sebago Supreme by Jim Malo

Tied by: Jim Malo Originated by: Jim Malo Hook: Alec Jackson Spey Hook 2055 Gold #1.5 Thread: Pale yellow 8/0 Tag: Pearl micro braid Tail: Brown asian squirrel Body: Yellow floss Rib: Peacock micro braid Belly: Green bucktail Wing: Orange … Continue reading

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#44-2013 – Scott Ancient by Scott Murdock

Tied by: Scott Murdock Originated by: Scott Murdock Hook: Daiichi Alec Jackson #3/0 Thread: Black 8/0 Tag: Gold oval tinsel Body: Green floss Rib: Orange floss edged by gold and silver oval tinsel Throat: Peacock herl, white bucktail and golden … Continue reading

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Limited Edition Now Shipping

Streamers 365 Limited Edition #1-366 Hard Cover Over 65% sold The Limited Edition of the book is a hard cover printing of the book which includes all 366 days of the project. Each copy is numbered (1-50) and includes a … Continue reading

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