#47-2013 – Brown Buffum Hairwing by Bob Frandsen

#47-2013 Brown Buffum Hairwing - Robert Frandsen

#47-2013 Brown Buffum Hairwing – Robert Frandsen

Tied by: Robert Frandsen
Originated by: Lew Oatman
Source: A Further Guide to Fly Dressing; John Veniard (Pg 234)

Hook: Mustad 3665 A #2
Head: White 8/0
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Body: Orange floss slightly tapered
Ribbing: Gold oval tinsel
Throat: Golden pheasant tippet
Wing: Fox squirrel tail extending to the end of the tail
Eye: Jungle cock nail, small and short
Head: Black

Notes: For those familiar with the patterns of Lew Oatman, you may be surprised to see the streamer innovator’s name next to the Brown Buffum. The familiar 17 standard Lew Oatman patterns can be found in Joseph Bates ‘Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing’, but in John Veniard’s ‘A Further Guide to Fly Dressing’, several other patterns are listed along-side Mr. Oatman’s streamers. While there is not explicit mention of the originator, Chris Del Plato’s extensive research and tireless searching uncovered a document which confirms that Mr. Oatman prepared and sent the series of streamers, including the Brown Buffum, to Mr. Veniard. Bob tied this found jewel using Lew Oatman’s signature tapered body and small short jungle cock eyes. A big thanks to Bob for bringing this streamer to light, and we hope to see the remainder of the lost Lew Oatman patterns sometime in the near future in a feature article or book penned by Chris Del Plato.

Robert FrandsenBob (Robert) Frandsen – I started fishing at a pretty early age going as a hanger on with my grandfather in my pre- school years.
I began tying flies at 13 under the guidance of Lance Wedlick who was well known in Australia more as writer.
“The Blacker Compendium” | Robert’s site
[visit Bob’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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5 Responses to #47-2013 – Brown Buffum Hairwing by Bob Frandsen

  1. Armando says:

    Bob very good taste in color mixing … I like this , congratulations

  2. Chris Stiles says:

    Del Plato, WRITE THE BOOK! I’m a buyer. You know I come from the “land of Oatman” The Brown Buffum looks like an Orange Postmaster. OK I’m off to the vice to crank out a dozen. Thanks for the pattern Bob. Is that tied with a double tapered body or just straight?

  3. Jim Bennett says:

    Very nice Bob, would make a great little perch fry imitation…

  4. Kelly L says:

    Bob, what a beautiful gem here, LOVE IT.

  5. joel stansbury says:

    Darren, Bob, & Chris – Thank you to all three of you for this wonderful piece of history. I hope Chris publishes either an article or book on Oatman soon, like before we ‘old geezers’ read Bob & I; pass away and don’t get to enjoy it. Less telegraph typing, and more typewriter/computer typing CD!
    Beautiful representation Bob!
    Again, I am sure everyone will appreciate this Historical gem.

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