Mike Martinek Streamers now on Auction

It’s not everyday that we get an opportunity to bid on some of Mike’s streamers. Peggy Brenner is giving Mike a hand in listing a few of his streamers as he continues to recover from back surgery. There are plans to continue posting some patterns as come available. We will post them here as well so you don’t miss out on the auctions.

Tigerlily – Mike Martinek

mm_tigerlily – A partner pattern to Carrie Stevens’ Morning Glory. A good early ice out fly on Winnepesaukee and also a fine Brown trout pattern for the early season.

Morning Glory – Mike Martinek

mm_morningglory – A Carrie Stevens pattern tied by Mike.

Frost Warning – Mike Martinek – Designed to take fish on Winnepesaukee and Sebago Lakes, a most successful fly on both and many other locals.


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3 Responses to Mike Martinek Streamers now on Auction

  1. barry phillips says:

    I would like to see patterns as well

  2. joel stansbury says:

    Darren, can you get Mike to give you the patterns to list on this site?

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