#50-2013 – Salmon Searcher by Bill Chandler

#50-2013 Salmon Searcher - Bill Chandler

#50-2013 Salmon Searcher – Bill Chandler

Tied by: Bill Chandler
Originated by: Bill Chandler

Hook: Mustad 3907B #2
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Wing: Chartreuse under light blue under purple bucktail
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: As a fly tyer in demand, Bill often gets requests for something special from his customers. The Salmon searcher started out as a request from a customer for bucktails to troll through the depths of Lake Champlain. Bill got raw bucktails to replenish his stock from his customer in exchange for the flies. His client is an avid deer hunter, and so he was able to trade quite a few whitetail deer tails. He wanted flies with different shades of blue and purple to mimic baitfish, and the Salmon Searcher was created to fit the bill.

Bill ChandlerBill Chandler – I have been tying flies for the Angler and the collector since 1978. I discovered fly fishing and fly tying by watching a Canadian angling show one Saturday morning. Since then I have spent a considerable time of my life learning both the old and new techniques of tying flies.
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