#54-2013 – Railbird tied by Jon Harrang

#54-2013 Railbird - Jon Harrang

#54-2013 Railbird – Jon Harrang

Tied by: Jon Harrang
Originated by: John Benn
Source: Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies (1979),Trey Combs, Pg. 102

Hook: Partridge CS17 #4
Thread: Black Benecchi 12/0
Tail: Lady Amherst pheasant crest or golden pheasant crest dyed red
Body: Claret dubbing
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Hackle: Claret saddle hackle
Wing: Grey squirrel or grey fox tail hair
Eyes: Jungle cock nail
Collar: Yellow saddle hackle
Head: Black

Notes: For this submission, Jon dived into the steelhead history books to bring us this classically styled west coast streamer. It is believed that the pattern was first tied around 1900 for California’s storied Eel River by John Benn (1838 – 1907). The traditional featherwing version of the pattern uses strips of black and white barred teal flank for the wing. This fly definitely calls for more on-stream research, and Jon has been hard at work creating a fleet of Railbirds to throw into the Oregon whitewater this fall.

Jon Harrang Jon Harrang – Jon lives on a mini-ranch/fixer-upper in central Oregon’s high desert with his wife and three daughters. He has been tying flies since he was in grade school, with a special emphasis on dressing both steelhead and Atlantic salmon patterns. He is relatively new to the streamer game but very interested in improving his skills and continuing to learn more about this style of fly.
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2 Responses to #54-2013 – Railbird tied by Jon Harrang

  1. jim Bennett says:

    The colour scheme on this streamer compliment each other wonderfully. Love it…

  2. Kelly L says:

    Lovely work, a winner.

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