#55-2013 – Blue Smelt tied by Gary Tanner and Loretta Parent

#55-2013 Blue Smelt - Gary Tanner & Loretta Parent

#55-2013 Blue Smelt – Gary Tanner & Loretta Parent

Tied by: Gary P. Tanner & Loretta Parent
Originated by: Unknown
Source: Eastern Streamers, Dick Frost, 1979, pg. 6

Gary’s Version
Hook: Mustad L87 #4
Thread: Black
Tail: Red floss
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Wing: White bucktail under pearl flashabou under blue bucktail under black crystal flash
Head: Black

Loretta’s Version
Hook: Mustad 3907A #2
Thread: Black
Tail: Red wool
Body: Silver embossed tinsel
Throat: White bucktail
Wing: White bucktail under blue bucktail under peacock herl
Head: Black with a purple band

Notes: The Blue Smelt is an imitative pattern that has been used to lure land locked salmon and trout out of the Rangeley region lakes for decades. The pattern is a regional staple and has migrated out to the Canadian Maritimes in the form of an Atlantic salmon fly. The earliest versions of the fly used a red goose or duck quill and were tied with gold bodies. The streamer was designed as an early season lure to be fished at ice out while the smelt populations are seeking out spawning grounds. Smaller streamers tied in sizes 6-10 are great for casting off shore into coves and inlets during low light. Larger sized flies, #4 and up, provide an opportunity to troll the deeper waters, following the shore lines and other structure in the lakes.

Gary TannerGary Tanner – I spent 10 years working for the National Wild Turkey Federation, first as a Regional Director, and finally as their first Director of Development. I then became Executive Director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, a position I held for almost 7 years – making me the longest serving director of that institution in its history (trust me, that’s an accomplishment!). I left the nonprofit world to become, happily, a self-employed carpenter/cabinet maker.
The River’s Course
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Loretta Parent Loretta Parent -I have been tying flys for 3 years now and have enjoyed learning everything I can about the art of fly tying. I am very passionate about this pastime and love to pass on and share what I know to anyone that is interested. I started a fly fishing club for women last year called “Fly Girls of New Brunswick” and hope to start a fly tying club as well. My favourite place to fish is anywhere on the Miramichi drainage system.
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2 Responses to #55-2013 – Blue Smelt tied by Gary Tanner and Loretta Parent

  1. Peter Blackmore says:

    I fish for Landlocked Salmon in Western Labrador and this fly is the best fly I have ever used for Landlocks. If there is a Landlock salmon in the pool this fly will take it on the first cast most all the time.

  2. Jim Bennett says:

    Beautiful streamers,love the colours,same as one of my local football teams Glasgow Rangers.Sure winners!!

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