#56-2013 – Herring Bucktail tied by Andrew Mashall

#56-2013 Herring Bucktail tied by Andrew Marshall

#56-2013 Herring Bucktail tied by Andrew Marshall

Tied by: Andrew Marshall
Originated by: Roy A. Patrick and Letcher Lambuth
Source: Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, Joseph Bates, 1966 pg. 288

Hook: Mustad 79580 #2
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel (embossed if no rib is used)
Ribbing: Silver oval tinsel
Lower wing: White under pale green
Middle wing: Pale green polar bear hair under gun metal gray polar bear hair
Top wing: Dark green under dark blue polar bear hair
Eye: White with black pupil
Head: Black

Notes: The pattern is one of a trio which were developed in the Puget Sound region in pursuit of coho salmon. The is a companion fly to the Candlefish Bucktail, and was created using a methodical scientific approach in an attempt to closely mimic the natural herring bait fish. The fly was designed by a committee of anglers from the Puget Sound local which included Mr. Roy A. Patrick and Mr. Letcher Lambuth. The group produced a number of prototypes and the most effective combinations were chosen as the standardized dressings. Polar bear is used in the series because of the translucent effects the hairs imparted to the pattern. The series developed into about a dozen preferred color variations. The flies were dressed with a moderate fullness and tied on larger 2/0 or 3/0 long shanked hooks or tandem riggings. You can visit Andrew’s blog Exploring Classic Streamer Patterns for more insight and information of the patterns of Roy A. Patrick.

andrew_marshall Andrew Marshall – Andrew has been tying for some 35 or so years, much of that time in-hand without the aid of a vise. The first fly he tied was done in hand, with a bait hook, probably a #6 or #8, using gray mallard for tail. It was then palmered, with a second one up front as hackle. The tying thread was smuggled out from his mother’s sewing stuff. The fly was stolen from him almost before the cement had dried, and so he figured, if it was that good, he must be on to something and made more.
AltanticSalmonFlyGuy | Exploring Classic Streamers
[visit Andrew’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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  1. I should clarify my blog, and here, the dressing is from Bates, the streamers usually are referred to as from Letcher Lambuth, and I have taken heat for referring to them being originated by Roy Patrick, though he was in on it for sure.
    this is a highly successful streamer, and is the one I use for kings, the herring I use for silvers usually. At least it starts that way. I alternate depending on what is going on with the bite. I like to use embossed silver tinsel and the rib, for extra flash and to keep the salmon teeth from making hay out it. These are also very good as tube flies.
    Thank-you for posting this here.
    best wishes

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