#61-2013 – U.S. Army tied by Tom Fulton

#61-2013 U.S. Army - Tom Fulton

#61-2013 U.S. Army – Tom Fulton

Tied by: Tom Fulton
Originated by: Tom Fulton

Hook: Mustad Chestertown 3300 #7
Thread: White 6/0 flat waxed
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Butt: Peacock herl
Body: Silver oval tinsel
Rib: 4 strands black metallic thread twisted
Throat: Peacock body feathers (green)
Wing: Fluorescent orange crystal flasj then black bucktail
Topping: Golden pheasant crest
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: This is the forth streamer in Tom’s series created to honor the brave members of the United States military. For the project, Tom had created hairwing versions of all of his patterns that were originally tied as featherwing flies. This pattern is Tom’s tribute to the military’s largest and oldest branch. The original featherwing used white bucktail in the belly and the body was bound in gold tinsel. The black and gold is well represented in the fly, and throat is a respectable splash of color in the pattern.

“We owe our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines a debt of gratitude, and I thank you all for your service.”

-Tom Fulton

Tom Fulton Tom Fulton – I’m from northern California and am a self taught fly fisher and tier. I’ve fished all over the western U.S. I have a real love for small mountain streams, but cut my teeth on the wild trout of the lower Sacramento River.
The Art of the Fly
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  1. Jim Bennett says:


  2. Kelly L says:

    Tom, love the fly! This fly will make our Army folks proud! Great, and fitting tribute.

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