Belcher Gray by Lew Oatman on Auction

As we are finding out, Lew Oatman had a number of patterns that were not well documented, but several have recently surfaced. Here is another one I’m not familiar with called the Belcher Gray. This is a beautiful streamer, in great looking shape on one of Mr. Oatman’s signature cards. This was up for auction before, but at $150.00, there were no takers. The fly has been put up again starting at $75.00. This would be a spectacular piece to add to any streamer collection. Hopefully one of the experts on the subject can shed some light on the origin of the Belcher Gray by Lew Oatman. He was known to tie a number of streamers apart from his own patterns as well.

Belcher Gray by Lew Oatman

I’d also like to post a quick note to let everyone know that there will be less streamers posted over the next couple weeks. I’m moving into a new home and will need some time to get things back in order. I will try to get a couple more posted today / tomorrow and hope to be back up and posting the middle of September.

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