Red Shang’s Special – D. MacEachern

Red Shang's Special tied by D. MacEachern

Things are starting to quiet down with the move, and I’ve managed to get the tying area set-up again, and have tied a couple streamers. This is a variation of Carrie Stevens’ Shang’s Special that was done by Mike Martinek. I’ve followed Mike’s pattern as closely as possible with the exception of using a red hen hackle cheek rather than the red duck flank Mike uses. Tied on a Mustad 3907B #2.

Red Shang's Special tied by D. MacEachern
Red Shang’s Special tied by D. MacEachern

Hook: Mustad 3907B #2
Thread: White
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Tail: Red schlappen
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Underwing: 6 stands peacock herl (may be tied in as belly)
Wing: Red hackle flanked by jungle cock nails same length as the peacock herl
Shoulder: Red hen / duck flank
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black (red with black band)



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