MacEachern, Martinek, Quimby and Veverka Streamers on Auction

A ton of great streamers are currently on auction this week. It isn’t often that the Bob Veverka (Author of Spey Flies and How to Tie Them) streamers come up for auction. The auction lists the pattern as a Gray Ghost, but it is obviously an error in the listing. It should be listed as a Col. Bates Streamer.

Bob Veverka Col. Bates

Another signed copy of Secrets of Streamer Fly Fishing is also on auction. This includes a signed note as well as the signed booklet.

There are also 6 Mike Martinek patterns on auction this week including one of Bob Veverka’s patterns and the ever popular Golden Marvel. See below for links to all 6.

Mike Martinek Golden Marvel

Mike Martinek Crow Warrior

Mike Martinek Counterfeiter

Mike Martinek York's Kennebago

Mike Martinek Little Blue

Mike Martinek Green Beauty

I’ve also placed another set of my own streamers up for auction. I’ll be continuing to do so for the next little while. In addition to the flies, I have a small number of Allcock 1810 and 2811 hooks that I’ll be auctioning off.

Darren MacEachern Davis Special (Stevens)

Darren MacEachern Stolen Identity (Vigue)

Darren MacEachern BYR Smelt (Bastian)

Darren MacEachern Winnipesaukee Queen (Fozie)

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