#83-2013 – Gierach’s Little Brown Trout Variant tied by Bob Petti

#83-2013 Gierach's Little Brown Trout Variant - Bob Petti

#83-2013 Gierach’s Little Brown Trout Variant – Bob Petti

Tied by: Bob Petti
Originated by: John Gierach
Source: Fly Tyer Magazine Spring 2004 Volume 10 No. 1 pg. 34-39

Hook: Unknown 4xl #6-#12
Thread: White 6/0
Body: Pearl flat tinsel over white floss
Throat: White bucktail (short belly)
Wing: Orange bucktail, pearl Krystal Flash and fox squirrel tail
Topping: Peacock herl
Eye: Yellow painted eye with black center
Head: Black

Notes: Bob first found this John Gierach in the “Classic Fly Tyer” section of the Spring 2004 issue of Fly Tyer magazine, a reprint of a 1986 article penned by John Gierach for American Fly Tyer. The streamer caught Bob’s eye, love at first sight so to speak, and quickly found a permanent slot in the well stocked and respected Petti streamer box. Bob’s version of the streamer differs from John’s in that it has no added weight along the shank and the body is pearl tinsel over white floss instead of a pearl braid.

Bob PettiBob Petti – Bob Petti is a fly fisherman and fly tyer from the Catskill Mountain region of New York. Like so many other fly tyers, he started his journey innocently. “All I wanted was the ability to tie the Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, and Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear. I didn’t have much money and it wasn’t easy to buy flies at the time. Heck I couldn’t even afford a decent pair of waders back then, so I thought a small investment in tying flies would pay off in the long run.” A couple decades later his one-shoe-box hobby has grown to a full blown identity.
Bob on Global Fly Fisher
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4 Responses to #83-2013 – Gierach’s Little Brown Trout Variant tied by Bob Petti

  1. flyvice says:

    I like the look of this fly. Would a pearl mylar tube work instead of the pearl tinsel to cover the floss?

  2. Kelly L says:

    Bob, this is exquisite. Incredible. I adore this fly. 🙂

  3. Sreve L. says:

    Another beauty !!!!
    Perfect looking eye …Very nice work.

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