#85-2013 – Miss Allaura tied by Steve Labrecque

#85-2013 Miss Allaura - Steve Labrecque

#85-2013 Miss Allaura – Steve Labrecque

Tied by: Steve Labrecque
Originated by: Steve Labrecque

Miss Allaura Streamer Fly Pattern

Hook: Long shank hook or tandem rig (#4 Mustad 3399 hook up front, #4 rear hook being connected with wire cable)
Thread: Black 8/0
Body: Silver flat tinsel
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Wing: Sparse white bucktail under light pink bucktail under grey bucktail under peacock herl
Head: Black
Eye: White with black pupil painted

Notes: Pink and grey have a way of blending together in unexpectedly natural ways. But once you see it, there is no argument on how organic the placement is. The Miss Allaura is a pattern Steve designed in the style of the Bob Bibeau tandem streamers. The pattern was named in dedication to Steve’s granddaughter. The fly has worked quite well trolled in the depths of Sebago Lake. It should be tied sparse so that is sinks quickly and trolled at a reletively quick pace. That pattern is very much like an old pattern Steve recalls that was named Mr. Ed.

steve labrecque Steve Labrecque – Steve was born in the 50’s and has been tying streamers for over 35 years. He has one son and four grandchildren to pass on his fishing passion to. He has specialized in tandem streamers for many of those years but enjoys tying on long shank hooks as well. Steve was raised near the water and he grew up in the Sebago Lake area. Both his father and grandfather had fishing camps on the lake, and fishing and streamers run deep in his blood.
[visit Steve’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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2 Responses to #85-2013 – Miss Allaura tied by Steve Labrecque

  1. Kelly L says:

    Steve, I really really liked this one!!!

  2. Jim Bennett says:

    Well done Steve, these would make great rainbow fry lures..

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