#93-2013 – Royal Coachman Hairwing by Robert Frandsen

#93-2013 - Royal Coachman Hairwing by Robert Frandsen

#93-2013 – Royal Coachman Hairwing by Robert Frandsen

Tied by: Robert Frandsen
Originated by: John Haily
Source: Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing by Joseph D. Bates, Jr, – Pg 329-330

Royal Coachman Hairwing Streamer Recipe

Hook: Mustad 3665A #1
Thread: White
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet fibers
Butt: Peacock herl
Body: Tied in 3 sections 1/4 peacock herl, 1/2 red floss, 1/4 peacock herl
Throat: Brown hackle fibers
Wing: White arctic runner
Eyes: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

Notes: The Royal Coachman streamer is a conversion from the Royal Coachman trout fly. The Royal coachman was itself a variation of the Coachman fly. It was Mr. John Haily who made the modifications to the Coachman for a client. He added the band of red (silk) floss to prevent the peacock herl from unraveling and added barred wood duck for the tail. The pattern has been around for quite some time and so has spawned numerous variations including shammy cloth tails or red hackle tails. Depending on the locality where the streamer is fished may also affect how the fly is tied. Royal Coachmen tied for western waters may have shorter hooks, tapered bodies and longer wings for example.

Robert FrandsenBob (Robert) Frandsen – I started fishing at a pretty early age going as a hanger on with my grandfather in my pre- school years.
I began tying flies at 13 under the guidance of Lance Wedlick who was well known in Australia more as writer.
“The Blacker Compendium” | Robert’s site
[visit Bob’s streamer page on Streamers 365]

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  1. Jim Bennett says:

    Nice tye Bob,neat head…

  2. Kelly L says:

    Lovely fly there Bob. 🙂

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