Larry Leight Streamer Collection 2014

Larry Leight Streamers

Larry has been tying Rangeley style streamers for resale on Ebay for number of years, mostly tying classics from pioneers and regional standards. Recently, Larry has started offering a selection of his own creations, some based on themes of colour, variations on classics and some imaginative originals.

The Rangeley Rainbow was a streamer that was born in the creation of 5 other streamers. Larry had been tying these streamers in distinct colour combinations which led to the thought of tying a streamer with red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet represented.

The five streamers that led to the multi-toned streamer include the Winter’s Return, Indian Summer, Purple and Blue (aka the Lavender Blue Dilly), Regal Red and the Sky Blue Pink. The series of streamers all share similar construction with Golden pheasant crests used in the throat and many in the underwing, a nod to Carrie Stevens’ Gray Ghost.

The Mongaup is a streamer Larry named after a tributary off of the Delaware in Sullivan County, N.Y. He suggests using the streamer during the late spring while the sowbellies and alewives are making their presence known in the rivers. The Butternut, is named for Butternut Creek in Otsego N.Y. The R.J. Browne was created with brown trout in mind and has been successful in taking some greedy carnivorous hawgs. Larry fishes the R.J. Browne and Butternut with the most success during the daylight hours and finds that The Weir works best under lower light conditions.

The Lady Hornet streamer is as yet untried, but stands as a nod to the Green Hornet created by Ms. Carrie Stevens. While the original pattern doesn’t include the Lady Amherst pheasant shoulder, but rather a golden pheasant shoulder, the Complete Sportsman poster fly tied by Marcelo Morales does feature the Amherst feather on the masculine version of the streamer.

Thanks Larry for sharing you collection.

Click the images below for larger images and fly recipes.

Butternut Creek - Larry Leight

Butternut Creek – Larry Leight

Indian Summer - Larry Leight

Indian Summer – Larry Leight

Lady Hornet - Larry Leight

Lady Hornet – Larry Leight

Mongaup - Larry Leight

Mongaup – Larry Leight

Purple and Blue - Larry Leight

Purple and Blue – Larry Leight

R. J. Brown - Larry Leight

R. J. Brown – Larry Leight

Rangeley Rainbow - Larry Leight

Rangeley Rainbow – Larry Leight

Regal Red - Larry Leight

Regal Red – Larry Leight

Sky Blue Pink - Larry Leight

Sky Blue Pink – Larry Leight

The Weir - Larry Leight

The Weir – Larry Leight

Winter's Return - Larry Leight

Winter’s Return – Larry Leight

Larry Leight Larry Leight – When I lived up North in NY State there were many places to test my flies. Now, living here in the coastal south of North Carolina not so much, and I really miss it. At present, my own streamers are works of art, but are made to work.
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  1. Tom Banks says:

    Larry was kind enough share his knowledge of fly tying with me. His passion and detail in his tying is inspirational.

  2. Alan Petrucci says:

    Fine work my friend

  3. Alan Petrucci says:

    Fine work my friend.

  4. Petr H. says:

    Nice job on all of them Larry. They are tied very nicely indeed.

  5. Dave Lomasney says:

    Beautiful Craftsmanship Larry…Congrats!

  6. Larry Leight says:

    Thanks Steve

  7. Armando says:

    Great job Larry I congratulation to you. I´m a fan of all these streamers.

  8. Gary says:

    Wow now these are fantastic and I agree they are works of art.

  9. Kelly L says:

    These flies are gorgeous! I love the sense of color here especially.

    1. Larry Leight says:

      Also thanks to Kelly L, Gary, and Armando.

  10. Steve L. says:

    Beautiful collection..
    Nice work !!!!!!!

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