Black Ghost Marabou Classic by Petr Haisman

Black Ghost Marabou Classic - Petr Haisman

Black Ghost Marabou Classic – Petr Haisman

Tied by: Petr Haisman
Originated by: Herbert (Herbie) Welch

Black Ghost Marabou Classic Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Tiemco 300 #2 6xl
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Yellow hackle fibers
Body: Black floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Throat: Yellow hackle fibers
Wing: White marabou
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

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czech republic - Petr Haisman Petr Haisman – Petr has been fishing since the early age of six with his father. His father instilled the skills to catch fish and started a passion for fishing. At age 14, Petr began tying nymphs and dry flies in pursuit of the native Czech Republic grayling. He was raised along side the Jizera River, and his approach of casting tiny dry flies to rising grayling was handsomely rewarded.
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