Jim Bennett Streamers Collection 2014

Jim Bennett Streamers

Jim’s collection of feather-wing streamers are inspired by several of the many Scottish rivers that flow into the famous River Clyde. The lower section of the river, which winds through Glasgow, has been an important part of Scotland’s shipbuilding industry more so than a fishing resource. The river health suffered due to the heavy industry, but with a decline of shipbuilding and strict regulation, the river has been making a strong comeback with a marked increase of sea trout and salmon stocks. It is the upper stretches and tributaries of the river that are known for being scenic and ideal waters for casting flies to wild brown trout and grayling.

The Allander Water is one of three main tributaries of the River Kelvin which in turn flows into the waters of the River Clyde. It is located just east and west of Dunbartonshire.

The River Kelvin runs about 22 miles down into the River Clyde. It is fed by a large number of waters and burns on it’s journey towards the Atlantic, the Luggie Water, Glazert Water, and Allander Water being three of the largest contributors. In the 1960’s, the waterway was considered to be dead, polluted by industry effluent from paper mills, chemical and dye works over decades. The closure of said industry along the river’s route has allowed to rain waters to cleanse the damage away, and with stocking programs in effect, returned the waterway to a productive and habitable river for fish birds and wildlife. The River Kelvin Angling Association and Friends Of The River Kelvin have also been instrumental in the comeback of the river with members organizing river clean-ups, and working with professional organizations and bringing awareness to the river ecosystem.

The River Avon is a 24 mile long section of water which flows into the River Clyde in Hamilton.

The Glazert Water is another ribbon of blue which feeds into the River Kelvin. The river runs about 4 miles, forming from the junction of Finglen Burn and Aldessan Burn. The low waters are host to some impressive sized brown trout.

The River Cart is actually quite a short section of river formed by the confluence of the Black Cart and White Cart rivers. The rivers join about a half a mile before draining into the River Clyde between the towns Inchinnan and Renfrew.

The Luggie Water meanders 11 miles across the Scottish countryside down through Cumbermould. It is fed by many smaller burns, gaining momentum until feeding into the River Kelvin near Kirkintillock.

The River Nethan runs 13 miles flowing through Scottish countryside before spilling into the River Clyde. The river has tight banks and lots of tree cover along it’s path, proving plenty of protection to allow fish to grow large.

The list is just a small sample of the many rivers, waters, canals, lochs and burns that comprise the River Clyde watershed. Anglers can expect a wide range of fishing from big river salmon to pocket water grayling in the system.

Thanks Jim for sharing you collection.

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Clyde Streamer - Jim Bennett

Clyde Streamer – Jim Bennett

Allander Streamer - Jim Bennett

Allander Streamer – Jim Bennett

Kelvin Streamer - Jim Bennett

Kelvin Streamer – Jim Bennett

Avon Matuka Streamer - Jim Bennett

Avon Matuka Streamer – Jim Bennett

Glazert Streamer - Jim Bennett

Glazert Streamer – Jim Bennett

Cart Matuka Streamer - Jim Bennett

Cart Matuka Streamer – Jim Bennett

Luggie Streamer - Jim Bennett

Luggie Streamer – Jim Bennett

Nethan Streamer - Jim Bennett

Nethan Streamer – Jim Bennett

Jim Bennett – I live in Glasgow Scotland where I was born and grew up.I started fishing in my local canal for perch and roach when I was about 12, forty years ago. I started fly tying at about 14 after I watched a program on TV. I first tied without a vice as I could not afford one. My flies were quite crude to say the least and I can remember the first trout I caught on a small black dry fly. I could not believe it had actually taken my fly. That fish was only about 8 inches, but remains the best fish I have ever caught.
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