The Henderson Streamer Variant by Loretta Parent

The Henderson Streamer Variant - Loretta Parent

The Henderson Streamer Variant – Loretta Parent

Tied by: Loretta Parent
Originated by: Albert John Henderson

The Henderson Streamer Variant streamer fly pattern recipe

Hook: Partridge CS15 #2
Thread: Black 8/0
Tag: Silver oval tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Body: Fluorescent orange floss
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Belly: Brown bucktail
Wing: 4 black hackles
Shoulder: Ringneck pheasant body feather
Cheek: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

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Loretta Parent Loretta Parent – Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, my sole fishing experience was the occasional trip to Port Dover, Ontario with my dad, a spin rod and package of worms.

It was not until 2007 that I was introduced to fly fishing by a friend Mike MacIlroy and I was instantly hooked. I just had to learn everything I could about it. When Mike told me he tied his own flies I was intrigued, and so during the winter of 07/08 Mike lent me a vice of his and I acquired a few materials and proceeded to soak up and knowledge from whoever would listen to me and learned the basics of fly tying.
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