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Just a little interlude before we present the next series of streamers by Deryn LaCombe on Monday May 5th. There are a few streamers and hooks that might be of interest to the streamer tyer and collector. Have a look below.

Larry Leight streamers have become quite collectable in the past couple years and the quality of his streamers just keeps getting better and better. He offers streamers on a weekly basis, presenting a mix of Carrie Stevens patterns, classic eastern streamers and his own creations.


On a similar note, fly tyer Sam Kenney has begun offering carded streamers for auction. He doesn’t currently have any streamers on offer, but you can find his page at Sam Kenney

I’ve also posted another series of original and Carrie Stevens patterns on the Streamers 365 Ebay page. It’s mostly an offering of Mrs. Stevens’ fly patterns but I’ve snuck in one of my own that has been a good fly in the great lakes.

Oshawa General

One of my favourite sellers of flies on Ebay is famoustyers1942 and that don’t disappoint with a nice selection of streamers including several from Mr. Bob Veverka.

There have also been some wonderful old streamer wallets up for bids and carded tandem streamers. I’ve been adding to my collection over the past year, and have even found a few rare gems amongst the old wool and leather. Here is one nice collection of flies from Omar LePage of Somersworth, New Hampshire.
Omar LePage

In addition to all the streamer stuff, there is a nice selection of George Grant nymphs and a nice selection of streamers, nymphs and dry flies tied by Polly Roseborough. Happy Bidding.

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