Speckled Fire Matuka (Cree) by Marcelo Morales

Speckled Fire Matuka (Cree) by Marcelo Morales

Speckled Fire Matuka (Cree) by Marcelo Morales

Tied by: Marcelo Morales
Originated by: Marcelo Morales

Speckled Fire Matuka (Cree) streamer fly pattern recipe

Hook: Partridge Bartleet Traditional #1/0
Thread: Black 8/0
Tag: Oval gold tinsel
Body: Cream, yellow and orange goat dubbing or seal dubbing tapered
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Wing: 4 Cree hackles (tied Matuka style)
Collar: Coq de Leon saddle feather dyed red
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: Black

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Marcelo Morales – I began fly fishing in the early seventies. Jorge Donovan and Bebe Anchorena were my mentors, they were fantastic casters and know the rivers intimately. Both were very good friends of Joe Brooks and it was from him that they learnt the way of the big streamers and monster browns. Just to make my life easier, I build bamboo rods and fish them a lot along my country. My mother paints watercolors, and my father painted with oils when he was young so I think fly fishing in my case is another form of art and I try to feel like an artist creating something unique every time I tie a fly, build a rod or fish.
Buenos Aires Anglers
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  1. Old Joe! says:

    Looks good & very much like a minnow that would work on slow, warm water lakes in upstate, NY, USA! Thanks for the recipe & look see!

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