Tammy’s Fly Hairwing by Scott Murdock

Tammy's Fly - Hairwing by Scott Murdock

Tammy’s Fly – Hairwing by Scott Murdock

Tied by: Scott Murdock
Originated by: Scott Murdock

Tammy’s Fly – Hairwing Fly Pattern

Hook: Partridge CS 10/1 #2/0
Thread: Black 6/0
Tip: Silver oval tinsel
Tag: Green floss
Butt: Ostrich herl
Body: Claret floss, silver oval tinsel rib, ostrich herl, black floss, silver embossed tinsel
Throat: Black spey hackle
Wing: Black over claret over green calf tail
Collar: Guinea saddle
Head: Black

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scott_murdockScott Murdock- – I started tying flies in the 80’s and it wasn’t long before I made a visit to The American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester VT to visit a family rod that was displayed there. I noticed the Atlantic Salmon Fly plates that were then on display. Realizing that I actually had an idea of how these things were constructed (yet knowing that I had a lot to learn) I drank the proverbial “Kool-aid” and embarked on the process of learning to tye display patterns.
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