A Cache of Carrie Stevens and Bert Quimby Flies

For anyone who has been searching for a few vintage flies from the likes of Carrie Stevens and Bert Quimby, there is some wonderful news. Ebay seller xennifer has stumbled upon a treasure of 16 carded Bert Quimby streamers, 5 carded Carrie Stevens streamers as well as a couple from Emile Letourneau and Wendell Folkins.

The Carrie Stevens patterns include a couple Austie's Specials, Red Streak, Black Ghost and a Wizard (incorrectly identified as Lizard).

Austie's Special - Carrie Stevens
Austie’s Special – Carrie Stevens

Austie's Special – Carrie Stevens

The Bert Quimby collection offers up some of the most classic Quimby streamers including the Lady Ghost, Green Ghost, York's Kennebago and Dusty streamer.

York's Kennebago - Bert Quimby
York’s Kennebago – Bert Quimby

Happy Bidding.


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