Donald Bruce Soar – 1963 – 2014

I was shocked and saddened today to learn about our friend Don Soar passing away. Rest well dear friend.

Don Soar - Dedicated angler and fly tyer

Don Soar – Dedicated angler and fly tyer

Don was a huge part of the Streamers 365 project and we will miss miss him dearly. He was truly one of friendliest people behind the vise. Who can forget the epic series of streamers Don developed to honour the NFL. He also developed some other beautiful streamers, his Kokanee Sunrise being one of my favourite. Don Soar passed away suddenly on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the age of 51. He will be missed dearly.

Donald Bruce Soar – October 8th, 1963 – October 18th, 2014

Condolences and remembrances can be left here – Don Soar

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4 Responses to Donald Bruce Soar – 1963 – 2014

  1. Darren .. I am saddened to hear of this loss to the fly-fishing community. I never knew Don, but like many, knew of his work. He will be sorely missed. 🙁

  2. Gary says:

    Very very sad news… Thoughts and prayers sent to his family.

  3. Lance Allaire says:

    He sent one of his Kokanee Sunrise streamers to me a few years ago. Truly a stunning fly. Wish I had met him…

  4. Stanley Williams says:

    Never heard of the man (but I am still new to the scene) but definitely too young to pass. Very nicely spoken.

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