Jack Gartside Darkside

Jack Gartside's Darkside tied by Darren MacEachern

Jack Gartside’s Darkside tied by Darren MacEachern

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley streamer hook 8xl, #2
Thread: Black, 6/0
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Body: Red floss
Ribbing: Silver flat tinsel
Underwing: Five strands of peacock herl white bucktail
Wing: Matched furnace saddle or neck feathers
Cheek: Reddish-brown church window feathers
Eyes: Jungle cock

Notes: I’ve been tying this pattern for a few years now ever since I had discovered the late Jack Gartside’s ringneck pheasant page. The page itself is a wonderful article dedicated to the use of the many feathers you can find on a ringneck pheasant pelt. The Darkside calls for furnace hackle, and while I did have a few pathetic hackles in my inventory, none were worthy of being lashed to a long hook. I took to Ebay to search and found a couple wonderfully patterned Whiting American furnace hackle pelts being sold by fellow streamer addict Ron McKusick (silvermag). These pelts are sort of a two in one with the lower sections full of black hackle and the top consisting of the furnace feathers. The stems are a nice thickness and thinner than most of my other American capes.

I’ve tied the streamer following my convention of streamers, meaning the underwing is tied on top of the hook. So because the peacock and bucktail is labeled as the underwing, I’ve tied it in that position. In my earlier ties of the Darkside, I placed the peacock and bucktail under the hook in what I consider the belly position. I did this mainly because of how the original image looks, with what seems like a clear belly. The original recipe and image are posted below for comparison. Either way, it is a stunning pattern, and I can’t wait to get a few more twisted up.

Original recipe via jackgartside.com

Darkside by Jack Gartside

Darkside by Jack Gartside

Hook: Mustad 9575, 3665A or any 2x or 3x streamer hook: sizes 1 – 4
Thread: Black, 6/0
Tail: None
Body: Red floss or wool
Ribbing: Fine silver tinsel or mylar
Underwing: Four or five strands of peacock herl, under which is tied a slender bunch of fine white bucktail (both to extend beyond the bend of the hook)
Wing: Matched furnace saddle or neck feathers
Cheek: Reddish-brown church window feathers
Eyes: Jungle cock (optional)

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5 Responses to Jack Gartside Darkside

  1. Alan Petrucci says:

    Darren I never knew Jack tied such streamers.
    I have several of his books as well as having seen him several times at various shows, and never did I see such a streamer. Wonderful tye.

  2. jimk4 says:

    That’s a beautiful tying job, Darren.
    I’ve found the Whiting American necks & saddles to be highly variable in streamer quality; for every nice one like the one you used here, there’s probably twenty or more junk ones that are very webby. That makes it tough to buy them through the mail, but I too have found that Ron McKusick is a good source for higher quality Americans.
    Are you going to put this Darkside up on eBay?

    • pacres says:

      Thanks Jim

      I think I’ve had pretty good luck with the capes, I’ve only ever gotten one or two I wasn’t really happy with. I find the dyed over whites will tend to have thicker stems, but I can usually find a good range of hackle. I think my biggest problem is the availability of colors sometimes, and I’ve ended up dying a few myself. 🙂 Not sure if this one will make it to Ebay, but I’m planning on tying a couple more.

  3. Larry Leight says:

    Sweet tie .

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