Lew Oatman, Carrie Stevens and Jack Gartside on Ebay

It’s been some time since I’ve posted any Ebay items, but there is a nice range of items coming up recently.

First up is a rare Lew Oatman streamer. It is a Bill Edson pattern, the Edson Dark Tiger, one of the most famous of the bucktail streamers. The fly is carded and the glassine is intact.
Lew Oatman – Edson Light Tiger

Another great item is this hard to find Jack Gartside “The Soft Hackle Streamer” booklet and a soft hackle leech.
Jack Gartside – The Soft Hackle Streamer

Jack Gartside - The Soft Hackle Streamer

Jack Gartside – The Soft Hackle Streamer

We’ve seen a number of Bob Bibeau’s streamers tied up by Steve Labrecque for the 2013 project, but it is quite rare to see one come onto the auction block. We are lucky to see his pattern “Rain” on the card for sale.

Bob Bibeau – Rain

Bob Bibeau - Rain

Bob Bibeau – Rain

The Carrie Stevens Day booklets come up for auction on occasion, but they are becoming more and more rare. They are a nice piece of memorabilia to have included in a collection of streamers.
Carrie Stevens Day Booklet

Lastly i found an interesting old Mustad hook. It is in the family of the 1/2 inch longer hook shanks (3665a and 9575), but this is a barbless model I have not seen in the past. It still features a limerick bend, but would give any streamer a unique look.

Mustad 36675 Hooks

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