Black Inspector by Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Black Inspector - Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Black Inspector – Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Tied by: Tuomas Iso-Ahola
Originated by: Tuomas Iso-Ahola

Black Inspector Fly Pattern

Hook: Mustad 3907 A #2
Thread: White 8/0
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Body: White floss
Rib: Silver flat tinsel
Belly: White bucktail
Throat: Black schlappen
Under-wing: Silver pheasant crest
Wing: 2 yellow hackles flanked by black hackle
Shoulder: Lemon wood duck flank
Eye: Jungle cock nail
Head: White

Notes: Tuomas approaches his streamer design by examining the patterns of other tyers and how they use color and form to get the desired results. The Black Inspector was developed with trout in mind and was put together specifically to be fished in the waning light of summer evenings. It was after testing several combination that the wood duck flank and the black and yellow wing was decided upon. Welcome to the site Tuomas, and thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Tuomas-Iso-Ahola_head Tuomas Iso-Ahola – I was born in Kalmari (Saarijärvi, Finland) 1983. My fishing history began when I was four years old. My father took me with him to fish with a hook and worm. In 2005 I started to fly fish and was instantly ”hooked”. Fly fishing is my lifestyle and my favorite places to fish are the rivers.
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