Jim Warner Framed Sets

There have been a few framed set of streamers produced by Jim Warner posted to eBay over the past couple weeks. The first set was a 25 streamer set of his 50th Anniversary of fly tying. This recently sold well below what it should have, but one lucky collector now has this hanging in a special place. The frame contained 25 of Jim’s original streamers and was one of 20 he produced.

Jim Warner Golden Anniversary Fly Set

Jim Warner Golden Anniversary Fly Frame

There are now 2 additional sets on auction that Jim produced. The first is a 20 streamer set created for Jim Clough and includes a selection of streamers focused on Lake Winnipesaukee. The Special Lake Winnipesaukee Frame includes a cut-out of the lake entered in the frame. It is a unique presentation and at 249.95, this is a complete bargain.

Special Lake Winnipesaukee Frame

Special Lake Winnipesaukee Frame

The last frame is a Special New Hampshire Frame, again created for Jim Clough. This frame features a green cut-out for the state and 50 flies arranged around one on the cut-out. The flies include a selection of streamers and wet flies, classics and originals. The asking price for this one is 349.95, another bargain, and if you have the scratch, this set would be perfect to hang together.

Special New Hampshire Frame

Special New Hampshire Frame

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  1. Armando says:

    I like this ..they are very beautifull….

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